Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Winterize Your Skin Care Routine in 5 Easy Steps.

As the seasons and weather conditions change, our skin – the largest organ in the body, tries to keep up and bring things to a state of equilibrium. For some of us that means initially noticing much drier skin conditions and changes in skin texture. And we proceed to do the only seemingly reasonable thing – reach for the cream and slather on to bring in the much needed moisture. Right? Wrong! “Doubling up on cream may bring temporary relief but in the long term it can actually cause the skin to be even drier. The single biggest mistake that clients make is forgetting about exfoliation. Without exfoliation, the creams simply stay on top of the stratum corneum and even the most potent anti-aging components have no chance of penetration”, points out esthetician Elina Grosmane. With the change of seasons, it is also a time to “winterize” your skin care routine. Here are Elina’s 5 tips for successfully dealing with winter skin:

1.The sun is less intense this time of year, and it is much safer to start a chemical peel regimen if you have been thinking about one. Talk to your esthetician to determine the frequency and type of peel your skin would benefit from.

2.If you haven’t already, incorporate Daily Exfoliant into your skin care routine (start with once a week and work up as tolerance builds). This AHA exfoliant will help to increase penetration of the other treatment products.

3.Keep using The Serum or The Antioxidant Serum underneath The Cream. The hylaluronic acid base of both serums provides great skin nutrition and hydration without the oily feel.

4.If your skin is sensitive, chapped or flaking, use The Universal Cure as a night cream. The TCA will gently exfoliate over time, and vegetarian sourced squalane is a fantastic moisturizer. If there is one key product that everyone’s winter regimen should have – The Universal Cure is it.

5.Even though it is cooler, the sun can still damage your skin. Keep using your Hydrashield30.

As the season progresses, incorporating these tips will hopefully help your skin to be more hydrated and winter happy. For those of us struggling with chronically dry and dehydrated skin, remember to keep your showers luke warm as hot water can make dry skin even drier.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving From the Lumirance Family!

Running a high end skin care company can be a busy undertaking and we look for opportunities to stop, share a laugh and take a breath. Sometimes that happens when the mail arrives… Of course, we are not too thrilled to open bills but even that is a sign that we are running out of things and needing to reorder supplies. With Thanksgiving being just a day away, our customer service team had a warm and fuzzy feeling when a new customer had taken the time to write to us about her and her husband’s experience with our products. She even complimented our sales director Ginger for “her enthusiastic professionalism”! Such feedback really makes a difference between just business as usual and really making someone’s day…

Here is an abbreviated excerpt posted with permission:

“My husband and I have been using almost every product 2 times per day. Dan uses The Serum, The Cream, All Eyes, and the Antioxidant Serum for his dry Colorado skin and random razor burn. I have been using the Antioxidant Serum, Treatment Serum, Treatment Cream during the day and Antioxidant Serum and Universal Cream at night with great results!

We both feel 100% hydrated and soothed. In addition, I have seen many spots of hyperpigmentation eliminated completely, along with stubborn milia that peels didn’t seem to do much for. Personally, my skin has seen a remarkable recovery…

A special “Thank you” to Ginger, for her enthusiastic professionalism. A true gem! “ Jessica Wright

We want to thank Jessica for taking the time to write to us and if you are a new or an existing customer and want to share your experience, concerns or just send a note to say hello – we love hearing from you! Our offices will be closed for Thanksgiving while we celebrate and expand our waistlines… Happy Thanksgiving!